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 Fred The Spider (A Tale By Elven)

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PostSubject: Fred The Spider (A Tale By Elven)   Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:46 am

Fred Is a spider.
Not just any old spider Fred is above the normal class of a spider.
Fred is a spider elite.
Now me and Kafei has had the chance to meet Fred on out first journey.
He greeted us with a warm smile.
But as night fell Fred began to change under the moonlight.
Untill he was no longer the Fred that welcomed us.
He came at us with lightning speed and we couldn't dodge we took at the least 2 hits.
At this point we knew we couldn't trust spiders...

(Fred) By Elven_Guard
Inspired by Fred The Spider.

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Fred The Spider (A Tale By Elven)
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