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 ban appeal x-ray

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PostSubject: ban appeal x-ray   Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:14 am

im levy

and i am banned because i used x-ray. today is 31 december. and i downloaded it 30 december.
i know it sounds weird but can i please be unbanned? i realy love the server. i realy do. and i don't have paypal. so i cant pay my unbanned. i didnt used it to get all my diamond. i got them because i think im more then 10 weeks no maby 7 weeks. on the server now. the resson why i downloaded it is because i keept getting suprised. and i wanted to be sure i can look truw walls to be sure im safe.Sad im a pussy. i can give all my stuff i dont care but please unban me:( and my birthday is over a few days. and maby you can give me a unban pressant? Smile but yeah... i learned my lesson i really do.. and i miss my friends:( i really do:(
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PostSubject: Re: ban appeal x-ray   Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:17 am

Hello levypriem,

While I respect your apology, unfortunately there is a set guideline to be unbanned. To find out how to be unbanned, please look here:

- itskafei
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ban appeal x-ray
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