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 NSignia's Xray Ban

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PostSubject: NSignia's Xray Ban   Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:58 am

I just wanted to post this appeal because I was totally distraught. I can understand completely if I do not get unbanned because I have no way to prove that I wasn't hacking, but you even said yourself, Jake, that I was close to being Alpha. I never swore or killed anyone who couldn't afford it, and I certainly never hacked. Even if I was childish enough to consider it, I'm sure you can imagine that any thoughts of it were erased after this. I despise hackers. They come and take what others had worked hard to get. I'm certain housemonkey could tell you. I even helped him ban a few hackers. I don't want to be permanently blocked from the only server I've ever liked, even more so when I didn't do anything. I hope that, regardless of whether this appeal is heard, I can try to clear my name. My only transgression was being lucky enough to find two diamond veins, and not wanting to be easily followed.
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PostSubject: Re: NSignia's Xray Ban   Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:43 am

Hello NSignia,

Your behaviour was independently viewed by an administrator. Stated as per our rules (, hacking or the use of mods other than Optifine serves an instant ban. To find out how to be unbanned, please look here:

- itskafei
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NSignia's Xray Ban
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