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 How to Appeal Against Your Ban

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PostSubject: How to Appeal Against Your Ban   Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:54 am

Due to the recent rise in rule-breakers, it's been increasing difficult for us to be able to actively eliminate them all. It's also put extended pressure on us when considering ban appeals meaning that a lot of people have been denied recently. We need a more effective deterrent. Putting many hours of work into our server as well as having to more closely monitor those who we forgive has made administrating the server more difficult than it needs to be. That's why we have decided to introduce a new policy applicable to all those who get banned from our server.

From here on, anybody who gets banned for our server is automatically bound to our new policy "Pay to Appeal". We have depreciated the previous method of writing a plea for your unbanning and replaced it with requiring those who are banned to pay a fee of $5 to go entirely towards the costs of the maintenance and monthly rental of our server. We feel that this new policy will help to keep out unwanted rule-breakers, and make sure that those who get back in are dedicated to the server and feel committed not to perform the offence(s) again.

If you wish to buy your way back onto the server, you'll need to post a new topic in the "Ban Appeals" section stating the reason you were banned, your in-game name, and your Skype name or MSN address. I'll add you on either instant messenger and we'll discuss the issue. The only current method of payment is through PayPal, which accepts payments stored on your account, or directly from your credit/debit card. This price is NOT negotiable. We won't lower the charge in any circumstance. If you don't follow this procedure, you'll be directed to this topic.
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How to Appeal Against Your Ban
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